Video Marketing to improve SEO (Search Engine Marketing) results has always played a major role in the mix of powerful tools we at LinkBlaze Marketing use for our clients. We have found that short videos concentrating on one point, having a catchy little tune, and good copy writing will hold the attention of the web visitor.

We have found video marketing to be indispensable when in a highly competitive local market. Many business categories are very competitive here in Port St Lucie, Florida and Chiropractic Medicine is one of those. We did this video for Dr. Raymond Sykes as this was of keen interest to him. He was extremely well informed on the subject and had treated many youngsters with the problem in his local family chiropractic practice.

When we first started with Dr. Sykes, his Google search engine rank for Port St Lucie Chiropractor was at number 187 and as of this writing, his office remains on page 1 of local search.

To Your Marketing Success,

Judy Culpepper


To Publish Your Works Today Couldn’t Be Easier. . . .

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Publish Your Works

Yes, as we have all become more specialized no matter what business we are in, some things have gotten easier at the same time everyone believes they must go to a “specialist”.  If you are a doctor, you specialize.  The auto repairman only does brakes, for instance.  The lawnman only does residential or he does commercial.  It seems, the only unspecialized places left are big box discount stores which carry every low and medium priced thing you can imagine.

To really succeed you must be an expert in your customer’s eyes.

If you are reading this article, you are an expert in your field.  Ask yourself  these questions about the business you run:   Do I know what I am doing?  Do I do it well?  Do I do it better than my competition?  If you answered, “yes”. to those questions, according to the dictionary, you are an expert with the special knowledge and skill to do what you do.

In the world of academia, it is “publish or perish”.  Why, simply because writing a book and placing your name upon the cover as the author makes you an expert.  Okay, okay, I hear you from here.  You don’t know what to write about, you don’t have time, or worse yet, you feel like you can’t write well enough.

I will tackle these objections by asking you to read the blog article on how to easily write copy for your blog.  Stop now and scroll down and read it.  You want to write an interesting book, don’t you?  Then write what your customers want to know about.  They ask you and your employees questions everyday about how you fixed their car’s brakes or how you were able to fix your father’s hip.

If you are blogging each week and using the questions your customers ask in that process, then your objection about time holds no water either.  Each one of your posts becomes chapter in your book.  How easy is that?

Finally, many authors have collaborators who help them write…  usually for the same reasons you may have been thinking.  Perhaps your sister or your spouse could help you compile and edit the blog posts.  There are also a good number of free lance writers who would gladly write your articles for you for $20.00 apiece or less.

In all candor, the most difficult part of writing a book on what you do for a living is getting an attractive cover on the outside.  While it is true you can’t judge a book by its cover; it’s also true that your prospective reader is unlikely to pick up an unattractive book, so may never learn what is inside.

Your customers will love it, because they likely have had some of the same questions you answered in your book.  In addition, they will find your book helpful and really appreciate you as a person who is willing to share his/her knowledge.

Finally, you may just make a little or maybe even a lot of money after you open a Kindle or Nook account and upload your new book to or to Barnes &  You are an expert.  Share it and it will come back to you tenfold.

To Your Marketing Success,

Judy Culpepper



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To Your Marketing Success

A Mobile Apps Case Study

Today I stumbled upon this typical, and rather exciting scenario of how the effective use of mobile apps within your store can increase your sales and create the opportunity for long lasting customers relationships.

More and more people are using their cell phones while they are in a store shopping.  Here are just a few snippets of interesting survey findings about consumers using mobile smartphones when they shop:

  • 73 percent of consumers say they have used their mobile phone in a store (Source:Interactive Advertising Bureau, 2012)
  • 66% of US smartphone owners use their phone to aid in shopping (Source: Leo J. Shapiro and Associates, 2012)
  • 64% of affluent app users say they view brands with mobile apps more favorably (Source: Luxury Institute, 2012)

Smaller businesses which ignore these facts do so at their own peril.  Mobile apps are very engaging to consumers, young and old alike.  Shopping is now totally consumer driven by those who use their mobile phones and has become almost a daily life game for some, especially where product is the offer.

The scenario below is spot on with its timed account of the lady named Jo who goes shopping with her smartphone.  This is from a site named, “The Mobile Retail Blog”.

In-Store Mobile: A Game Changer

by: Hillary Prey, Marketing Communications


Imagine the following use case…

A woman named Jo visits a local retail store with her iPhone in hand.

3:30 p.m. – When Jo gets to the store, there is a sign offering a store discount for those who download the store’s mobile phone app. She downloads the app to her iPhone and gets a push notification asking her if she wants to check-in to the store. Once checked in, Jo sees a list of all current store promotions running on a screen in the retailer’s app. She picks through and saves all relevant offers to an offer wallet within the app. She is particularly excited about an offer for 15% off all glassware.

3:35 p.m. – Jo arrives in the Glassware aisle. She uses the retailer’s app to scan the barcode of a set of Riedel Vinum Bordeaux Wine Glasses she has been eyeing for months. The app pulls up the glasses’ product page with additional details and consumer ratings and reviews. She sees they have received 5 stars and reads that while they are fragile, there is no better glass to enjoy fine wine. She adds them to her cart.

3:45 p.m. – Jo passes by a demo station offering various wines for sample. She browses through them and picks one from her favorite region in France. She likes it, and so she scans the QR code on the table and rates the product 4 out of 5 stars using the retailer’s app. Then, based off of her choice, the retailer sends her a promotional offer enticing her to buy the wine while in the store.

3:50 p.m. – Jo now goes to get what she originally came for: a nice Roquefort cheese for a dinner party she is hosting tonight. Once in the Cheese Shop section, she scans a QR code in the artisan cheese aisle and receives a message to her app that there will be a cooking class at the store this Saturday at 2PM. She saves the message to her offer wallet so she remembers to mark her calendar at home.

4:00 p.m. — As she is leaving the store, Jo receives a message thanking her for visiting the store with a link to a store survey. She fills out the survey, alerting the retailer to a floor sales associate that was particularly helpful during her visit. Once the survey is complete, she is offered a discount coupon good for her next trip. Jo leaves the store satisfied with her experience, and the retailer has closed a sale and gained valuable consumer insight.

Each of these consumer interactions is a measurable activity by the retailer to easily track, report on and understand consumer-shopping behavior in the retail store. The benefits are significant for both retailers and consumers—Jo has made additional, unplanned purchases increasing incremental revenue for the retailer while at the same time buying items she has wanted for a while at a great discount heightening her customer satisfaction and loyalty.

There is little doubt that mobile is the next big thing. Now is the time to enable in-store mobile engagements as an increasing percentage of retailers’ valuable customers search, browse, and buy from their mobile phones while on the go, at home, and in the retail store. Many top retailers have already started taking advantage of these opportunities, and those who haven’t, will quickly feel the pressure.

Read the entire article here…..



Increase Your Web Traffic With An SEO Start Up Package of Tips

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Judy Culpepper, LinkBlaze - "To Your Marketing Success"

An SEO Start Up Package available through most large and small internet marketing firms can jump start your web presence as can a Do-It-Yourself effort using an online course you buy for yourself.

SEO or Search Engine Marketing is simply the effort you put into your online presence which tells the search engine robot spiders what your site is all about.  Because the robot is not a person and doesn’t really understand the underlying meaning of words used in a particular way, you have to get its attention in other ways.

One of the most obvious ways to signal the robot is by the changes in the lettering on your pages.   The larger font size used in titles and sub-titles are a signal to the robot you think these words are important.  To a lesser degree, the same is true of bold and italicized type.  To a much more limited degree, the number of times you use the specific term will influence the robot as well.

This kind of SEO, that is the kind which is performed upon the web page itself, is called On-page SEO.  Other areas of on-page SEO requiring attention are the meta tags.  In these areas, for the robot’s benefit, you should place the page title, a brief description of the page including some keywords, and finally separated by a comma you should list a few of the most important keywords.  In addition, if your website platform allows for the listing of keywords in the form of “tags”, you should list those as well.  All of this to let the robot know exactly what your page is all about.

Last, but certainly not least, are the pictures and videos which may be placed upon the page and described for the robot’s benefit.  There are two ways to help the robot here.  One is to actually name the picture file using the keyword you want to emphasize, and the other is to list your most important keywords in an area called the “alt” tags.

Now, for a local website, turn your attention to Local Google Places and the many popular local rating sites like, Yelp, Yellow Pages (YP), Kudzu, Manta, Citysearch, Urbanspoon, FourSquare and others.  Claim your business website’s place, by registering your website’s details within that review site.

To round things out today, your website should be represented on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.  Google looks at a website’s “engagement” which simply means links or other mention of your website by other people interacting with your website directly or indirectly in places like Facebook.

To Your Marketing Success,

Judy Culpepper





Let The Memories Flow And The
Copywriting For Websites Is Easy

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To Your Marketing Success

It has taken me a while to figure this out myself, but copywriting is as easy or as hard as we make it.  If you are doing your own writing for the business just stay focused on your customers.  What do they care about?  What do they like?  What do they dislike?

Sometimes it’s helpful to ask your employees what customers tell them about the business.  Not only is their feedback helpful, it should be encouraged.  Most customers feel the same way about your business, good or bad, so when you find a subject of interest to them, just pick up your pen and let the words flow.

There will be times when you just aren’t able to be consistent with your writing and timely posting.  Vacations, emergencies, and your busy cycle could all cause problems.  If you are using WordPress though, as we recommend, you can beat that problem by writing a few posts in advance and scheduling them for going live when you need them to be up on your website.  That’s convenience and the worry about it is gone.

Then, too, there will be times when you just can’t do it yourself.  You just can’t.  This is the time to farm it out to someone else, either an employee or a sub-contractor.  What is important regardless of who the assignee becomes, is that you provide them your thoughts about the subject you would choose.  Like always, it will be all about your readers who will be existing or, hopefully, your future customers.

From my experience, customers and clients like to buy from you but they don’t necessarily like to be sold.  In your writing, be very careful not to succumb to the urge to always be selling your products.  You can let your products sell themselves by describing their positive features in ways your existing customers have already described to you.

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Tip for You

A tip for when you don’t have customer comments about your product for any number of reasons.  Maybe you have just started carrying the item, or maybe customers who have bought have just never commented about the product to you or the employees.  How do you write about this product?

Remember, we talked about most customers feeling the same way about a product and its features.  Well, that’s true whether the customers who are using the product now bought it from your business or from someplace else.  This is one of those rare times when your competition can help you out with your marketing.  Think big, Amazon Big!

Go to the website and see if they carry the product.  If so, check the reviews from their customers.  See what those customers said about the product, and in fact, quote them by writing something like, “according to online product reviews, customers who bought this product thought…..”  or maybe, “9 of 10 reviews for this product claim it saves them time and money…”.

Whenever you can, let your customers do the talking and you can just sit back and put their thoughts on your paper.

To Your Marketing Success,

Judy Culpepper



You Are An Expert So…..
Why Aren’t You Publishing Yet?

Publishing your own works isn’t hard, but we all (myself included) have used a million excuses not to do it.

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Judy Culpepper, LinkBlaze – “To Your Marketing Success”

Let me tell you some I’ve heard and even thought myself.

  1. Nobody will want to hear what I have to say….  I am no expert in anything.
  2. I can’t do this, people will think I am crazy, or just plain full of myself.
  3. There isn’t enough time in the day for this.
  4. I can’t write.  Heck, I barely made it out of high school.

If you are reading this, then you are an expert at something.  Let’s take these common excuses one at the time.

Nobody will want to hear what I have to say….  I am no expert in anything.

Yes, you are, everybody is.  You’ve probably found this page because you own or operate a business.  It’s likely you are in that business because you like what you do, and you know what you are doing.  Let’s just take one example that came to my mind as I am writing…  Landscape Maintenance.

Think about the times you have actually seen and spoken with your landscaping clients.  They’ve probably asked you questions about a variety of things having to do with their yard from pest control, the weather’s effects, the sprinklers, fertilizer, blooming plants, to the trimming of the hedges.  Truly, this is an incomplete list, but you get the picture.  Just these subjects alone would be more than enough for an eBook you could publish on’s Kindle section.

Everybody who is in a business can be an expert on what he or she does.  Remember, the dictionary says that an expert is someone showing special skill or knowledge.  The operative word here is, “showing”.  By writing an eBook or even a shorter, “White Paper”, on what you do in your business makes you an expert because you are “showing” knowledge.

I can’t do this, people will think I am crazy, or just plain full of myself.

No, they won’t.  They will be happy to get answers to the questions they have about their landscaping.  Writing is simply communicating with others using pen and paper.  It should be just like talking.  When your customers ask you a question, you don’t say to yourself, “I can’t answer this, they will think I am crazy.”  Of course, you don’t.  To the contrary, they will think you are “crazy” if you don’t answer them.  Remember, the eBook you publish will be about the things you already know people would like to know because they’ve already asked you about them.

There isn’t enough time in the day for this.

You know the answer to this one.  Funny, how we have enough time in the day to do what we feel like doing.  If you’ll just begin doing this and making sure others have a chance to to see it on your website, your other advertising, or simply giving it to your existing customers; you will be amazed over time how your business grows from word of mouth.  People want to do business with the people who “know” what they are doing.  You know, the landscaping “expert”.

I can’t write.  Heck, I barely made it out of high school.

This is probably just an excuse, rephrased…  you just don’t like to write.  Okay, so you could save money and probably surprise yourself with your own knowledge, it is still not an excuse for you to not be all you can be to your business.

So then, outsource it.  That’s right, get somebody else to do it.  Remember, people like to do business with people who know what they are doing.  There is nothing wrong with using someone to write for it for you.  You will need to check it closely however, to make sure your writer has accurately reflected your knowledge.

If there is no one in your family or business who is able to take on this task, and if you are one of our “Shoe String Marketers”, just go to our Contact Us page and email me a request to send you some sources.

To Your Marketing Success,

Judy Culpepper