Video Marketing to improve SEO (Search Engine Marketing) results has always played a major role in the mix of powerful tools we at LinkBlaze Marketing use for our clients. We have found that short videos concentrating on one point, having a catchy little tune, and good copy writing will hold the attention of the web visitor.

We have found video marketing to be indispensable when in a highly competitive local market. Many business categories are very competitive here in Port St Lucie, Florida and Chiropractic Medicine is one of those. We did this video for Dr. Raymond Sykes as this was of keen interest to him. He was extremely well informed on the subject and had treated many youngsters with the problem in his local family chiropractic practice.

When we first started with Dr. Sykes, his Google search engine rank for Port St Lucie Chiropractor was at number 187 and as of this writing, his office remains on page 1 of local search.

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Judy Culpepper


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