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It has taken me a while to figure this out myself, but copywriting is as easy or as hard as we make it.  If you are doing your own writing for the business just stay focused on your customers.  What do they care about?  What do they like?  What do they dislike?

Sometimes it’s helpful to ask your employees what customers tell them about the business.  Not only is their feedback helpful, it should be encouraged.  Most customers feel the same way about your business, good or bad, so when you find a subject of interest to them, just pick up your pen and let the words flow.

There will be times when you just aren’t able to be consistent with your writing and timely posting.  Vacations, emergencies, and your busy cycle could all cause problems.  If you are using WordPress though, as we recommend, you can beat that problem by writing a few posts in advance and scheduling them for going live when you need them to be up on your website.  That’s convenience and the worry about it is gone.

Then, too, there will be times when you just can’t do it yourself.  You just can’t.  This is the time to farm it out to someone else, either an employee or a sub-contractor.  What is important regardless of who the assignee becomes, is that you provide them your thoughts about the subject you would choose.  Like always, it will be all about your readers who will be existing or, hopefully, your future customers.

From my experience, customers and clients like to buy from you but they don’t necessarily like to be sold.  In your writing, be very careful not to succumb to the urge to always be selling your products.  You can let your products sell themselves by describing their positive features in ways your existing customers have already described to you.

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Tip for You

A tip for when you don’t have customer comments about your product for any number of reasons.  Maybe you have just started carrying the item, or maybe customers who have bought have just never commented about the product to you or the employees.  How do you write about this product?

Remember, we talked about most customers feeling the same way about a product and its features.  Well, that’s true whether the customers who are using the product now bought it from your business or from someplace else.  This is one of those rare times when your competition can help you out with your marketing.  Think big, Amazon Big!

Go to the Amazon.com website and see if they carry the product.  If so, check the reviews from their customers.  See what those customers said about the product, and in fact, quote them by writing something like, “according to online product reviews, customers who bought this product thought…..”  or maybe, “9 of 10 reviews for this product claim it saves them time and money…”.

Whenever you can, let your customers do the talking and you can just sit back and put their thoughts on your paper.

To Your Marketing Success,

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