Free Website??  Yep, Free Website.

Yes, it is a completely free website.  True, there are limits to how many pages it will be, simply because of the time it takes to build a website.  However, we know you will be thrilled with your new site, and down below are links to some of our sample sites and what you can expect.  Each and every one will be built after you complete a questionnaire about design, colors, and the facts about your business that you’d like to showcase.  Oh, and please do have pictures ready for us, because we love pictures and so will your site’s visitors.

Okay, okay….  I can hear you from here.

What’s The Catch With This Free Website?

There is no catch, but if you do decide to take us up on our offer, let me tell what this offer isn’t:

  1. You will NOT be subjected to hidden fees for things you thought were included.
  2. You will NEVER be subjected to any cancellation fees should you decide you no longer want our services.
  3. This offer IS NOT a sham, our reasons for making this offer are clearly defined below.

You will need to do the same things everyone else does to maintain a website on the internet.  No matter what, to truly have your very own website with your company name and not just be a sub-directory on somebody else’s site, you’ll be asked to do the following:

  • You’ll need to register your web address or URL  ex.
  • You’ll need to sign up for hosting so the website we build can actually be seen on the Internet.

For prices comparable to, or probably far less than other places, we will do this for you. Oh, and we use only the best, GoDaddy and HostGatorWe have been partnering with them for years and have tried others.

Will we make a killing off this and you?  No, but we care and would like to earn your business and grow with you.  As you can see from our website, we pretty much offer any kind of marketing service you might ever need…  now or in the future.

Our Location page states about as well as anything what we are all about here at LinkBlaze:

Full service internet marketing and advertising agency. Real people available locally, or by video if on Skype or Google. We are the website with people who want to serve you personally.

 Just Think of the Free Website As “Tire Kicking”

You get to test drive the car and kick the tires before you commit to some costly arrangement that’s hard to leave.  We only want happy customers, so when you are ready to go, all you have to do is say so.  There won’t be any hard feelings, and we will understand.

On the other hand, it’s probably more likely that we will become long term business partners who will support each other in business for years to come.  At least, that is our goal.  We believe that if we work hard for you, your business will grow and you will appreciate us and the contribution we’ve made to your success.  That’s what this is all about, nothing more and nothing less.

So, if you’re thinking you’ve got nothing to lose and a free website to gain…  you’re right.

Go ahead now and take a look at just some of the examples of over 60 local business categories into which you might fit, and take a look at the quality of site you can expect.  You won’t have to find out how to do it yourself to get it for free, but you will have to fill out the questionnaire for us, so we can get it right for your business.

That’s it, and you are ready go.  Hope to hear from you soon after you take a look at the sites below.  Oh, these are examples, so don’t be surprised when you see we borrowed some things from our own sites to fill in some blank spots.

URL, free website, LinkBlaze Marketing, business partner, marketing firm, hosting

Mexican Restaurant Website Example

business partner, marketing firm, hosting, URL, free website, LinkBlaze Marketing

Chiropractor Example Website

hosting, URL, free website, business partner, marketing firm, LinkBlaze Marketing

Towing Service Example Website

free website, LinkBlaze Marketing, business partner, marketing firm, hosting, URL

Carpet Cleaning Website Example


















If you like what you’ve seen, and you believe (rightly so) that a dollar and a half a day is a bargain price to pay in order to establish your business on the web, then you are just about ready to put your business on the web in a professional way.  In addition you’ll know your business will have an internet marketing foundation upon which to build.  To get started, use this link to email Judy Culpepper about the details of this offer.

If you are still not sure, maybe it is because I forgot to tell you that we will also be monitoring your site for spam comments, potential hackers, and just plain general upkeep like updating the platform periodically, and backing up the site at least once per week.

One more thing:  websites done our way always come with all the email addresses you’ll ever need for your business.  No extra charge, of course.

Now, how’s that for FREE?

Email Judy Culpepper for the details on this offer or to get started right now.