Why Do I Need Local Internet Marketing For My Business?

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Happy Local Customer

To Reach Potential Local Customers.


Why Do I Need To Reach “Potential” Local Customers?

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What Does Your Business Offer To Potential Customers?

So “Potential” Customers Will Know What Your Business Offers For Sale To Them.


Why Do “Potential” Customers Need To Know What I Sell?

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Where Should I Go Locally To Buy It?

So When They Need To Buy Locally, They Will Think Of Your Local Store.


Why Do I Want Them To Think About My Local Store?

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Finding The Place To Shop Locally

So They Will Visit Or Call Your Local Business Before They Purchase Locally.


Why Do I Care If They Visit Or Call My Local Business Before Buying?

Local Internet Marketing, Find local customers, local Google Search, Shop Locally, Local internet business listing

A New Happy and Loyal Customer For My Local Business

So Your Local Business Can Have The Chance To Find A Brand New and Happy Shopper Who Will Become a Loyal Customer of Yours.



Dominate Local Internet Presence With These Three Components:

Facebook, Local Internet Marketing, Social Media

Social Media


Use Facebook efficiently for an effective Return On Investment (ROI) whether in money or time spent.




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Local Search Optimized Website

The business Website should be attractive, have its own web address and be optimized for local search so your site can be found.




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61% of Mobile Shoppers Never Return to a Poor Mobile Website

A separate mobile website: 66% of US smartphone owners use their phone to aid in shopping (Source: Leo J. Shapiro and Associates, 2012)
More than half use their mobile phones to access the web and it is anticipated the number will exceed 90% before 2017.
Having a bona fide mobile site will help your search rankings in Google Local Search.