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Publish Your Works

Yes, as we have all become more specialized no matter what business we are in, some things have gotten easier at the same time everyone believes they must go to a “specialist”.  If you are a doctor, you specialize.  The auto repairman only does brakes, for instance.  The lawnman only does residential or he does commercial.  It seems, the only unspecialized places left are big box discount stores which carry every low and medium priced thing you can imagine.

To really succeed you must be an expert in your customer’s eyes.

If you are reading this article, you are an expert in your field.  Ask yourself  these questions about the business you run:   Do I know what I am doing?  Do I do it well?  Do I do it better than my competition?  If you answered, “yes”. to those questions, according to the dictionary, you are an expert with the special knowledge and skill to do what you do.

In the world of academia, it is “publish or perish”.  Why, simply because writing a book and placing your name upon the cover as the author makes you an expert.  Okay, okay, I hear you from here.  You don’t know what to write about, you don’t have time, or worse yet, you feel like you can’t write well enough.

I will tackle these objections by asking you to read the blog article on how to easily write copy for your blog.  Stop now and scroll down and read it.  You want to write an interesting book, don’t you?  Then write what your customers want to know about.  They ask you and your employees questions everyday about how you fixed their car’s brakes or how you were able to fix your father’s hip.

If you are blogging each week and using the questions your customers ask in that process, then your objection about time holds no water either.  Each one of your posts becomes chapter in your book.  How easy is that?

Finally, many authors have collaborators who help them write…  usually for the same reasons you may have been thinking.  Perhaps your sister or your spouse could help you compile and edit the blog posts.  There are also a good number of free lance writers who would gladly write your articles for you for $20.00 apiece or less.

In all candor, the most difficult part of writing a book on what you do for a living is getting an attractive cover on the outside.  While it is true you can’t judge a book by its cover; it’s also true that your prospective reader is unlikely to pick up an unattractive book, so may never learn what is inside.

Your customers will love it, because they likely have had some of the same questions you answered in your book.  In addition, they will find your book helpful and really appreciate you as a person who is willing to share his/her knowledge.

Finally, you may just make a little or maybe even a lot of money after you open a Kindle or Nook account and upload your new book to or to Barnes &  You are an expert.  Share it and it will come back to you tenfold.

To Your Marketing Success,

Judy Culpepper


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