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An SEO Start Up Package available through most large and small internet marketing firms can jump start your web presence as can a Do-It-Yourself effort using an online course you buy for yourself.

SEO or Search Engine Marketing is simply the effort you put into your online presence which tells the search engine robot spiders what your site is all about.  Because the robot is not a person and doesn’t really understand the underlying meaning of words used in a particular way, you have to get its attention in other ways.

One of the most obvious ways to signal the robot is by the changes in the lettering on your pages.   The larger font size used in titles and sub-titles are a signal to the robot you think these words are important.  To a lesser degree, the same is true of bold and italicized type.  To a much more limited degree, the number of times you use the specific term will influence the robot as well.

This kind of SEO, that is the kind which is performed upon the web page itself, is called On-page SEO.  Other areas of on-page SEO requiring attention are the meta tags.  In these areas, for the robot’s benefit, you should place the page title, a brief description of the page including some keywords, and finally separated by a comma you should list a few of the most important keywords.  In addition, if your website platform allows for the listing of keywords in the form of “tags”, you should list those as well.  All of this to let the robot know exactly what your page is all about.

Last, but certainly not least, are the pictures and videos which may be placed upon the page and described for the robot’s benefit.  There are two ways to help the robot here.  One is to actually name the picture file using the keyword you want to emphasize, and the other is to list your most important keywords in an area called the “alt” tags.

Now, for a local website, turn your attention to Local Google Places and the many popular local rating sites like, Yelp, Yellow Pages (YP), Kudzu, Manta, Citysearch, Urbanspoon, FourSquare and others.  Claim your business website’s place, by registering your website’s details within that review site.

To round things out today, your website should be represented on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.  Google looks at a website’s “engagement” which simply means links or other mention of your website by other people interacting with your website directly or indirectly in places like Facebook.

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