How We Bring You More Customers & Clients

As the old song goes, “…love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage; …you can’t have one without the other.” So it is with marketing today. On any level and for virtually any purpose, you simply must have both online and offline efforts or neither works well, if at all. Google’s local search is today’s Yellow Pages, however 71% of the local searches occur because the mobile user just saw or heard an ad you placed offline.

Therefore, it is only fitting for LinkBlaze Marketing to offer the synergistic combination of Online Marketing and offline marketing suggestions for your business. It is a long recognized fact, advertising repetition and consistency build brand awareness. This is the foundation of marketing fundamentals intended to bring a business its life blood, more customers. We’re not in the marketing business; we are in the customer business.

Call us if you’d like more customers…. it’s what we do, and all we do, each and every day.


Services Overview

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    Online Marketing – Where we are heading in a hurry.

    Online advertising and marketing grows with every passing day.  It cannot and should not be ignored by small businesses.  For instance, Google’s local search pages have become the “new Yellow Pages”, and this is no longer disputed.  Mobile phone access to the internet will be larger than desktop access to the internet by 2013.  Furthermore, mobile internet users who search for a service or product which can be obtained locally, take action on that search 88% of time within 24 hours of the search in inquiry.

  • In the battle for new customers, local business will find online marketing and social marketing will yield the best results.


Did you know?

  • Today, over half of all local searches come from a mobile device.  Are you missing half the business?
  • After accessing local content, 54% of mobile users made an in-store purchase.
  • 51% of local mobile searchers want dining or restaurant information.
  • When it comes to local searches, 74% of internet users choose a search engine instead of the Online or Printed Yellow Pages.
  • An amazing 97% of Internet users in America today use the Internet to shop.

When you read these things, you might think, these guys are all wrapped up in the internet.  To an extent that’s true, because the internet today is to TV as TV was to radio in the fifties and sixties.  However, all of us need to remember this important statistic:  71% of the people who jump on the internet to search for a particular business or product just saw or heard an ad which motivated them to do so.  Today, like always, the successful business does not limit his marketing reach by using only one medium of advertising and marketing.  Call us…  we’d love to help you get more customers.