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Affiliate Marketing Allows a Business to Make Commissions For Selling Products from Its Site

Affiliate marketing is the system whereby the affiliate website, or publisher, of an item is paid a commission when a customer clicks through the affiliate site and purchases from the advertiser. As our client you could be either one of these parties or both. If you make a product, you would be the advertiser and LinkBlaze would set up an affiliate procurement and management program for you. If you sell products on the web, you may have a product to offer that you don’t stock, but rather you place a banner for it on your site as the affiliate publisher. If a visitor to your site clicks on your banner and buys from the advertiser you represent, you get a sales commission.

Some of the largest and most respected Affiliate Marketing Agencies are CJ (Commission Junction), Share-A-Sale, Clix Galore, LinkShare and ClickBank.  These companies act as clearing houses between the advertisers and the publishers and are paid a small fee from each sales transaction.