Copywriting, Online Marketing, Conversion Funnel

Copywriting and the Art of Guiding Your Visitor with Finesse Down the Conversion Funnel

Copywriting refers to that content on a website specifically created to cause a website visitor to perform some activity such as clicking on a link or actually purchasing a product or service on the website. Copywriting for your website must be compelling enough to the reader to keep his or her attention on your website.

Copywriting must also guide and help your website’s visitors to the decisions you would like them to make. Copywriting is the key to the marketing conversion funnel or funnels you may have on your website. The illustration above shows clearly the psychological aspect of guiding your visitor into the tunnel which is likely comprised of several steps downward to the conversion target bullseye.

What is the conversion funnel target? It might be for your visitor to sign up for a blog subscription or most likely for him or her to make a purchase while on your website. Of course, the conversion could also be to cause your visitor to click on an advertisement, or to make a donation to a charitable cause, or to simply take a survey. As you can see, a conversion funnel is all about getting your visitor to do what you would like him or her to do. It doesn’t have to be to spend money, it is just to do whatever it is that you’d like them to do.