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 Internet Advertising or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Is Risky But Can Pay Off – Go Slowly

Internet advertising includes ads which can be bought for performance such as a click bringing a visitor to your site or as an impression by purchasing a display or text ad on another website. It could also include Coupon or Deal offerings as well as Affiliate Marketing where other sites run your ads for free and accept a percentage of the sale when it originates from the affiliate’s site.

Internet Advertising is also called SEM or Search Engine Marketing or some times called Search Engine Monetization.  SEM frequently becomes blurred with SEO, but generally speaking it references the “paid” side of gaining visitor traffic and web visibility for your website.

Internet advertising can take many forms and we advise our clients to enter this arena like a swimmer contemplating a swim in cold water….  just put a toe in the water before jumping in.  Paid internet advertising can generate excellent returns, but it will more likely drain your marketing budget quickly.  Concentrate first on organic, or search traffic to your site, because it is free and targeted when using the right keyword phrases.  See the SEO sections.