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Mobile Apps Are AFFORDABLE!!

We are excited and proud to announce that we have been licensed as an App Developer by Apple and can now submit and sell Apps through the Apple Store and through iTunes Connect.  The same holds true for the Android Apps as well.  As of this writing our Apps start at $247 and rise from there depending upon the various functions your app performs and the level of integration those functions require as they interface with other internal applications and with other websites.

That last sentence sounded a little scary I’m sure, but not to worry because we believe virtually all local clients will be more than pleased with apps priced well below a thousand dollars.  In fact, we expect most to do everything you need and want for around $750.

It can be hard to distinguish mobile apps from a mobile website because they both perform similar functionsThey each have their own strengths and weaknesses. We advise all of our local clients to begin with mobile websites.  Once they have a loyal group of mobile connected customers, then the time is right to put in an app.

Apps are much easier and a lot more fun to use than trying to surf the web on a smartphone, but it would be premature to make a complete switch from SMS texting and conventional mobile connectivity just yet.  There are still too many people using phones which are text capable, but not internet capable.

Think of apps as a richer consumer experience, while remembering not all mobile users can or will download them, so at least for the time being, Mobile Apps will be an enrichment to your current mobile presence.