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Mobile Website Design Creates Websites for Mobile Which Are Easy to Read and Easy to Tap or Click

Best practices for mobile website design and a website designed specifically for mobile devices is imperative if your mobile visitors are to have an acceptable online experience while using their cell phones or tablet devices. Recent surveys reveal that 61% of mobile users having an unpleasant viewing experience while on your site are highly unlikely to ever return. For local business this could be a significant loss of potential profits. Mobile use is particularly important to local search.  There is no doubt now that by 2013 internet access via smartphones will exceed desktop computers.  Furthermore by 2017, it is estimated, of the people who access the Internet on any given day, over 90% of them will have used a mobile device to do so.  Did you also know that the number of mobile phones in use is now greater than the number of Television sets in use.  Staggering, isn’t it?

Mobile Marketing is really a “Local Marketing” tool, whether a shopper is looking for the best deal, or whether a tired mom is calling for a take-out pizza.  Recent statistics and more information regarding the importance of the Mobile Website Design can be found on our sister site, Mobile Local, in article entitled, Why Do I Need Mobile Marketing.