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Reputation Management Is The Direct Result Of Poor Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the one thing that scare our clients the most about their business’ online reputation.  However, rarely is reputation management necessary for the conscientious business owner or manager.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  Customer reviews are generally the reason local business owners enjoy the Google page ranking they have when they are on page 1.  True, we all stumble at some points along the way, but people realize that and are genuinely understanding for the most part.

Reputation management usually becomes a problem for the business with lax management or with employees who are either poorly trained or just plain disgruntled people.   Any of the internal problems created by poor management can be rectified at the top first by regaining managerially control of the operation.

Following this first step are several more which need to be actively pursued on the internet.  In a nutshell, it begins with responses to the reviewer which are humble and show the business is taking or has taken corrective action.  Usually it is helpful to make the overture of a special offer to encourage the customer to return at least one more time.  This can give business the opportunity to show the improvements it has made.

Following this is the concerted effort that must occur on the internet by placing as much positive information about the business as is necessary in order to cause whatever negative comments and/or review(s) to become old business on the internet.  Becoming old business news will cause these negative comments to drop in page ranking thus rendering them less likely to be seen by people searching for that business.

This final step can be quite expensive and is labor intensive.  Our advice is to avoid this expense at all costs by employing best management practices.  Unfortunately though, sometimes “bad things do happen to good people”, so take solace in the fact that reputation management can save your online reputation from scathing customer reviews.