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SEO Start up services are for the business which is new to the internet or for the older business which has allowed its website go into decline.  Search engine optimization is a deliberate, time consuming, never ending job not unlike farming.  And, like farming, as a website owner you will reap what you sew with regard to the attention you give your website.

Websites in decline are really websites being beaten by competitor websites adding new, quality content on a regular basis and which engage with other related sites on the Internet.  This engagement is usually reflected and noted by the search engine robot due to the presence of backlinks.  Backlinks to the robots are like human tracks on the path to your business and tell the robot how popular you must be.  Your web popularity as measured by the robots, is what determines your website’s search rankings.  SEO Startup is a term we use to describe the process of ranking a website which is much like pushing a car over a hill.  Pushing the car is  very difficult at first, but much easier after we have spent the time and effort it takes to cross the crest and start down the other side.