Social Media Marketing Takes Your Message to Places Getting More Visits Than Google Every Day

Social media marketing is a combination of gathering backlinks through social site presence, having conversational participation in social sites such as Facebook or Twitter, and the actual purchase of advertising on those types of sites.  Social sites are groups of people interacting in a conversational way about topics in which the members of the group share an interest.

While in the course of commenting within the social site, you are able to post links to your site which become backlinks important to your website’s search ranking.  Advertising on these social group sites can be quite productive too because the operators of these sites gather information about the demographics of their membership.  Facebook, for instance, knows which of its members enjoy golf.  Accordingly, advertisers for golf products can be sure Facebook will run the ads it places on the walls of the golfers and not the tennis players.

Social media marketing is also critical to your optimal success on Google search.  One of Google‘s measurements for search engine ranking is now what is called “Engagement”.  Engagement is looking at the activity of others with regard to your website.  This could be blog comments, but most obvious is active interest in your site by others on Facebook and Twitter.