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Website Development Includes Artistic, Appealing Design Coupled With On-Page SEO

Website development is the construction and the design of any new or reconstructed website and should be done in concert with the SEO people to ensure onsite SEO is able to be carried out effectively.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  The website designers frequently want the artistic license to design and can cling to the idea that design is the most import factor in a website.  Interestingly enough, nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s not that well designed websites are offensive to the visitor, because the opposite is true.  Website visitors love an aesthetically appealing site when they find one.  The problem is that inflexible designers can cost the site it ability to ever be seen if the on-page SEO isn’t incorporated in the design itself.  SEO, search engine optimization, when applied to the web pages is a critical component which guides the search robot to the very things about the site, its owner is trying to convey.

Remember, the robot is blind,    Literally, blind.  It doesn’t see the neat pictures, or the brilliant colors.  Oh, and the robot is deaf too and can’t hear the music or see the video either.  So to give the robot eyes and ears, the SEO expert places words, sometimes with headline emphasis, where the robot can read them and understand what is important on the site.  The robot analyzes these important bits of information, then tries to match them with the people searching for what it has determined is on that website.   Simply speaking, this is how your website manages to rank in search results.  If your site ranks high, it gets free traffic and thus lots of website viewing visitors appreciating how it looks to them.

If your site ranks low, there is little or no traffic, and your work of website design art has effectively been relegated to a closet.  If you rely upon search traffic or organically driven website traffic, the site can be rendered  virtually worthless without effective SEO.

We recognize this dichotomy of purpose and focus between on-page SEO and artistic website design.  LinkBlaze Marketing therefore practices true website development which incorporates on-page SEO practices into the artistic appeal of our websites without harming either component of the site.