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Website Hosting Servers Online All Over The World Wide Web

Websites reside on computers offsite and thus are “hosted” on a server there. As a service to our mobile and desktop website clients, we offer website hosting. It can be very costly when host servers go down for any reason. We know which services are best and cause the least amount of difficulty with regard the to operation of the website itself. We have a reseller agreement with the best in the industry, Hostgator, and your pricing with us is less than if you buy from them directly.  While we would really appreciate your server business, what we really care about is your data.  It’s this concern that causes us to recommend HostGator, regardless of whether you go through us or not, just please….  use HostGator.

Unless you have a website requiring constant attention with copy changes, there is little cost to a website owner after the site is developed and placed online.  An exception to this is when the hosting company servers go down for any reason thus rendering your website, dark.  Assuming your website developer has provided you with an automated and frequent back up system, your unanticipated expenses really begin with the restoration process after your hosting company gets your server back online.

In a worst case scenario, your hosting company loses your data and you are in the position of rebuilding your site without a backup nor hard copies of content, the web page’s sitemap, or even just screenshots of what it looked like before the crash.  In other words, an avoidable, catastrophic mess which would never have occurred with the right provider.

Think of website hosting as the foundation for your website house.