Cathy Townsend King, President, League of Women Voters, Community Leader“Thank you for our Beautiful website…..we love it…. for those of you that want to see her beautiful work. When you get caught up please call me so you can do the League website.”

Cathy Townsend King
Dancing With Our Celebrity Stars



testimonial, client“These people know small business inside and out, and they absolutely know how advertising, internet marketing, and web traffic works for local websites.

They showed me the research, and the Google admission in writing that AdWords costs more for businesses without an optimized mobile site.  Furthermore, they showed me where Google stated it would rank the main website higher if there was a separate optimized mobile site just for mobile users.

These people are straight shooters and have backed up every claim they’ve ever made to me using research and numbers from independent sources.  When they told me the price, I signed up immediately.  Needless to say, it was a no brainer for me.”

Dr. Raymond Sykes
Sykes Chiropractic Life Center